DJ OAZUKE profile

    Debuting on May 2009, DJ OAZUKE brought an excentric movement not only the DJ industry, but in the whole
    entertainment world.
    One of the well known “Urban Myth” on DJ OAZUKE is that, although he is said to be one of the legendary and
    internationally recognized DJ,  no one has ever seen him DJ-ing nor heard his DJ performances.

    DJ OAZUKE is also working as a producer, MC, singer and performer, but no one knows where and who he
    works for.

 DJ OAZUKE appearance info

2009 June 26th(Friday)
DJ at REGISTERED vol.3 ( Gallery ROPPONGI ) postponed

2009 July 24th(Friday)
DJ at REGISTERED vol.4 ( Gallery ROPPONGI ) cancelled

2009 October 30th(Friday)
DJ at REGISTERED vol.6 ( Gallery ROPPONGI ) postponed

2009 November 27th(Friday)
DJ at REGISTERED vol.7 ( Gallery ROPPONGI ) postponed

2009 December 25th(Friday)
DJ at REGISTERED vol.8 ( Gallery ROPPONGI ) postponed

2010 July 31st(Saturday)
DJ at RESERVED vol.5 ( FIAT SPACE ) cancelled

2010 September 17th(Friday)
DJ at RESERVED vol.6 ( FIAT SPACE ) cancelled

2011 February 12th(Saturday)
DJ at RESERVED vol.6 ( FIAT SPACE ) postponed